How to Develop Critical thinking?

How to develop Critical Thinking Skill

Critical thinking is the process of thinking better. It is the ability to think more deeply on particular information whether it may be a text message, physical or digital conversation, visual context, listening to someone, or thinking alone which are already discussed in our previous article.   

In this article, we will discuss how a person or students think critically.

How to think Critically

1. Identify the problem or question.

Be as precise as possible: the narrower the issue, the easier it is to find solutions or answers.

2. Gather data, opinions, and arguments.

Try to find several sources that present different ideas and points of view.

3. Analyze and evaluate the data.

Are the sources reliable? Are their conclusions data-backed or just argumentative? Is there enough information or data to support the given hypotheses?

4. Identify assumptions.

Are you sure the sources you found are unbiased? Are you sure you weren’t biased in your search for answers?

5. Establish significance.

What piece of information is most important? Is the sample size sufficient? Are all opinions and arguments even relevant to the problem you’re trying to solve?

6. Make a decision/reach a conclusion.

Identify various conclusions that are possible and decide which (if any) of them are sufficiently supported. Weigh the strengths and limitations of all possible options.

7. Present or communicate.

Once you’ve reached a conclusion, present it to all stakeholders.

As a responsible citizen, it is very important and responsible for our nation’s growth as well as the whole world. Every unexpected thing comes to reality when we think or observe critically. Understand the depth and reach the proper conclusion.

Hope you understand how to develop critical thinking skills. Hope you have understood them clearly. if any queries arise, please share and comment on the below section. Thank you!

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