What is Collaboration?

collaboration skill

Collaboration is all about working towards a common goal.

Collaboration is the process of bringing people together from different departments, locations, and teams, then focusing their efforts towards a common goal. It is the ability to share ideas and thoughts alongside another person to achieve a shared objective such as to come up with an idea, create a product or give a solution. It is about combining different collections of thoughts, notions, beliefs, theories into a concrete explanation or solution that all group members have made a contribution to.

You might have heard this word repeatedly in your daily life. Collaboration has many synonyms such as ‘teamwork’, ‘cooperation’, ‘coordination’ and they all refer to the ability to work with at least one another person toward the desired goal which can be done ineffectively with one’s own.

Collaboration is a process, but collaborating well is a skill that’s honed over time.

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