Why is Communication Skill important?

importance of Communication Skill

Communication is the medium of sharing feelings, emotions with others. There is no need to prove how communication skill matters to us because it is a life process. We can’t live without communication. But it is important for us to know why it matters. 

In our previous article where we have defined that some students have misconceptions about gossip and communication. They literally don’t know the difference between them. Which has a bad impact on relationships and in society as in daily life. There is a big misconception that communication skills are highly recommended for only the workplace. This is not like that. Communication is a part of our lives and this is highly needed for every moment of time. In daily life, how to behave to others, how to share thoughts, feelings, emotions, and how to maintain body language. These are all about communication skills. And this is highly necessary for our personal life too. 

We assume communication skills are only for the workplace. These thoughts prove why we still don’t sharpen our communication skills.

Good communication is vital for effective functioning in both the relationship experience, work environment, and academics. It can either make or break your relationship at home or work. If you have this skill then you can share your feelings without any confusion. You can communicate with your body, words, gestures, expressions, and much more. There is overwhelming evidence that proficiency in communication skills can make any individual more versatile, and thus more competitive in the workplace. 

Communication skills, that everyone should acquire effective and impressive communication skills in their early childhood. As a result, there can be growing expectations from educational institutions to cater to the needs of the workplace. One of the major issues we need to address includes, what measures should be taken to make the students work-ready? In this perspective, teachers have an important role to play in enhancing the communication skills among students.

25 percent of graduates are suitable for employment in the outsourcing industry because of their lack of abilities to speak or write well in English.


Hope you understand the essence of communication skills for all individuals, so if you have any queries related to this topic, kindly comment on the below section. Thanks!

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