How to build a flexible Mind?

How to develop flexibility skill

 ‘Flexibility’ is a personality trait that describes the extent to which a person can cope with changes in circumstances and think about problems and tasks in a novel in creative ways.

People who are mentally flexible can think more creatively, are quick learners, and are able to adapt to new situations more effectively. It becomes easy for them to approach new challenges, tasks, and problems each day and the healthy mindset established with which they overcome obstacles. This is all which we already mentioned in our previous article. Why do flexibility skills matter so much for students to sustain their life in this 21st century?

Now I would like to share with you some amazing tips that help you to build a flexible mindset. Hope these tips will give you insight.

How to Develop a Flexible Mind

1. Be Open-minded

Open-minded people accept all perspectives. They understand the situation then become a part of it. if you can cultivate flexibility skills then you can understand others’ problems, beliefs, and feelings, easily analyze the situation by going through other positions. This can help you build a  flexible mind.

Openness and flexibility are thought of as two sides of the same coin.

2. Always curious about learning

Learning is the key to success. Try to learn from your own experience. Always curious to learn something new. I don’t say only book learning. Read people, society, and the environment also. This can help to develop a flexible mind. Understand another viewpoint, asking why this occurs, how this is solved. This is the way you build your mind to learn new things and be flexible.

3.  Break rules

Yes, you read it right. Breaking rules is another and easiest way of improving a flexible mind. Normally we know rules and regulations are good for ourselves, our family, society, and so on. And you have realized well due to some so-called rules and regulations, people are suffering a lot.

I believe that it will be better if we will change according to what the environment expects from us. For example – due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is good to stay indoors to some extent but in a habitual context, we are going outside by ignoring the situation.

To cultivate a flexible mindset, you can start by changing up your routine and doing everyday things differently. For instance, you can use your left hand for eating instead of your right hand. Also, you can change the structure of your room (color, object shifting, etc). This can give a new experience and improve a flexible mind.

4. Create new experiences

You noticed children are so curious to learn something new. They live their fullest and experience the environment, surrounding. Every human has full experience within themselves if they seek out new experiences. Learn something unusual and interesting. this will help you to improve your flexibility skills.

5. Don’t always take the easy way

There are so many available ways to make our life easy. From pins to airplanes all take responsibility to make life easy.

But the fact is that making things easier for ourselves isn’t always the best thing for our cognitive flexibility.

Research says that unfamiliar ways can lead to deeper learning, so by making a point of not always choosing the easiest way of doing things, you can keep your mind sharp and even learn through your everyday experiences.

6. Go out of your way to meet new people.

Meeting people from different cultures and walks of life whose perspectives and viewpoints are likely to differ from your own can help you to be less rigid in your way of thinking and accept that there may be more than one “right” way of looking at things.

Research shows that people who are exposed to situations that challenge their ideas about what’s right and wrong tend to have greater cognitive flexibility. 

well, the above all-important tips are highly crucial for developing flexibility skills, hope you understand the whole concept, you should take care of your health by yoga and exercise. Similarly, for your mental health, flexibility is highly needed to think creatively and in different ways. For cultivating a proper mindset these6 tips are highly recommended for yourself to enhance your flexibility skills.

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