What are 21st Century Life skills?

21st century life skill

21st Century Life skills are the skills required for successfully leading everyday life in this century. These are :

  1. Flexibility skill
  2. Leadership skill
  3. Initiative skill
  4. Productivity skill
  5. Social skill

here is more information about these skills.

Flexibility Skill

It is a personality trait that describes the extent to which someone can cope with changes in circumstances and think about problems and tasks in a novel in creative ways.

Leadership Skill

Leadership is an influence of personal Power that creates progressively advancing communities towards the common purpose.

Initiative Skill

It is the ability to do work without being told what to do.

Productivity Skill

It is the ability to work efficiently in a specific period of time and produce a better output as compared to your input. 

Social Skill

These are the skills we use every day to interact and communicate with others.

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