What is Social Skill?

social skill

Do you know who has good social skills, they are the happiest and healthy people? 


Psychologists have proved it and said, people with poor social skills are more stressed and lonely.

But don’t worry about that. If you think and feel like you are uncomfortable at social events or just struggling to enter into conversations because you’re shy. It is not a big issue. Every problem has a solution. Right? And it is true that after reading this article you have more confidence about social skills. We will show you amazing activities that help you develop your social skills.

First of all, we will know the definition of Social Skills. 

Definition of Social skills

Social skills are the skills we use every day to interact and communicate with others. They include verbal and non-verbal communication, such as speech, gesture, facial expression, and body language. A person has strong social skills if they have the knowledge of how to behave in social situations and understand both written and implied rules when communicating with others. 

According to Wikipedia,

A social skill is any competence facilitating interaction and communication with others where social rules and relations are created, communicated, and changed in verbal and nonverbal ways. The process of learning these skills is called socialization.

Hope you understand the real meaning of social skills and their essence to survive in society. if you have got your time worthwhile, comment the below section!

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