Why is Flexibility skill important?

importance of Flexibility Skill

Most people think flexibility means yoga or exercise instead of a flexible brain. We don’t care about mental health very much. Why do we ignore our mental health? Even knowing what we think is exactly the mirror of what we are?

Imagine, if we can cultivate a proper flexible mindset, how could our life be? Yes!!! Our life will be more resilient, creative, and fulfilled. 

Sounds exciting?

Flexibility is the ability to switch thoughts between two different concepts, meaning to think about multiple concepts simultaneously.

Why Flexibility skills

Here is a short story for you. Once a flexibility test occurred by a great psychologist. First, a stable situation is given to two people, these two can smoothly handle this situation. After that two or three situations add up. Probably they handle situations in their own way. Lastly, a few more different types of situations were added. One man is easily handled and takes it from a new perspective and creates something new. But another one is getting stuck and becoming frustrated. And quiet.

What is the reason behind this?

Any guesses?

The second one is frustrated because he doesn’t have the ability to face different situations at a time. He has less capacity for flexibility and skills for adopting new situations and challenges.

This was a small but very intuitive example of flexibility.

You know what, this is the big challenge for today’s era where the world is changing rapidly. There is a vastly changing environment, challenges, problems, opportunities arise every time of life. Whenever a new change knocks on the door, who does not predict that. But if you have a flexible mindset then you can easily control the situation and adapt to whatever results from that situation. 

People who are mentally flexible can think more creatively, are quick learners, and are able to adapt to new situations more effectively.

Hope this little effective story gives you the realization of how important flexibility skill is. if you have any query and want to know more please comment on below section.

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