How to become a master in technology literacy?

How to develop technology literacy skill

Many of us are now aware of using technology, most of us would not know how to build and maintain the websites and apps which we already have. Don’t you think these skills are highly needed?

We know, somehow you are able to regulate technology but the problem is that there is not enough to build such a career which is needed for our individual growth as well as national growth. 

So in this section, we are going to show you such incredible and workable tips that help you to develop technology literacy skills. For which we can confidently regulate technology.

We have to stop thinking of technology in terms of nouns (PowerPoint, YouTube, or Twitter) and instead think in terms of verbs (presentation, sharing, analyzing, and communicating)

– Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey

1.Be familiar with technology

You have noticed some are familiar with technologies. But some are not familiar with today’s technologies. But it is highly necessary to adopt technology literacy skills for becoming future-ready. In this case, you just start making relations with technology, operate digital gadgets. Know about technology news, trending information, and solve problems with the help of digital gadgets.

2.  Start with your own experience

One problem I have seen in my experiences, some are seeking external help while solving a problem. But my point of view is that first, you should try to solve problems in your own way. Whatever you see, if you don’t understand then go to Google. Check and analyze that information. So that you can proceed to solve it in some way.

3. Describe and demonstrate the basic tasks

Describe and demonstrate the basic tasks and uses of word processors, such as text entry, editing text, formatting text, and printing, describe and demonstrate the purpose and basic features of presentation software and other digital resources.

4. Learn MS Office

Many of us may know the basics of Microsoft office. If you learn this, at least you can become acquainted with computers to manage information digitally. here are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Access, Microsoft OneNote.

5. Experiment on google 

Understand the Internet and the World Wide Web, elaborate on their uses, and think about how a browser works and use URL to access a website, use a search engine. There exist a variety of tips and hacks that make finding and retrieving information from search engines easier.

We have discussed technology literacy which is a very essential skill for this century. Hope you understand how to develop easily, if any queries arise, kindly share four feedback on the comment below sections, Thanks!

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