How to boost your media literacy skill?

How to develop Media Literacy

Media literacy skills are a habitual process, it is not a limited process to acquire. When you use media, be conscious of what you are seeing, observing, what is its impact, what content you follow, etc. 

As an engaged media user, this is highly necessary for you to develop media literacy skills. These skills include being able to access media on a basic level, to analyze it in a critical way based on certain key concepts, to evaluate it based on that analysis, and finally to produce media oneself.

Just as we would not traditionally assume that someone is literate if they can read but not write, we should not assume that someone possesses media literacy if they can consume but not express themselves.

Henry Jenkins

Here are some of the most recommended tips on how to improve media literacy skills.

1. Understand the media

Whatever you see in the media it is important to understand whether the topic is related to us or not. Observe the content, shows, words, music, and video, etc. These are the media, created for a purpose. They have different perspectives from you. Understand that creator’s viewpoint. Why did they create it, what is the purpose behind this?

2. Evaluate the media

You must know how to evaluate media. For example, For this, we need to discuss bias and sources. Evaluate who produced that media, who are the intended audience, what biases are associated with that media, what is the purpose behind this etc. This will help to analyze the content of the media.

3. Find digital resources and databases

For being media literate you have to know where trustworthy content, fact-based content are located. That’s why you have to collect trustworthy websites, content, and valuable databases for future use. 

4. Compare various media sources

this is a very important tip for learning media literacy skills. Whenever you search for anything in the media, don’t follow any instructions blindly (including this article too). Don’t obey any suggestions from a single source the first time you search. Compare a particular dataset in all possible media sources

5. Examine the ‘truth’ in advertisements

When you see media, identify what advertisements are trying to sell and what ‘promises’ or ideas are they using to convince you to buy the product.

6. Relate their media to the real world

Whenever you see anything in the media, relate it to the real world. This will help you to identify what is fake or genuine.

Hope you have got an idea of how to develop media literacy skills. Sure these tips will help you be media literate. In this article, we have discussed how to develop media literacy skills. If you have any particular doubt in this regard, it’s our pleasure to assist you with the same. Please don’t hesitate to give your valuable comments below. All constructive suggestions are most welcome. Thanks! Have a great time! 

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