What is Media Literacy?

media literacy

Spending a lot of time with the media and understanding how it works are two different things. Most people don’t take it seriously even after knowing that we all are influenced by the media. 

This is not new for us, the media has already had its impact for several years in various possible ways. Television, posters, newspaper magazines, audio, video, etc are impacting us in every possible way. This is not the problem. The problem is that now we are in the age of Information, where information is all around us, and we access it very easily, without checking its authentication, expertise, and trustworthiness. And for that only we need proper media literacy.

Here is the true Definition

Media literacy is the ability to understand the media. Ability to  Access, analyze and evaluate the many complex messages presented through the mass media, where does this originated, what is the key reason behind this. What is the creator’s perspective? This is all about knowing what is called media literacy.

Media literacy is our awareness regarding our mediated environment or consumption of mass communication. It is our ability to responsibly comprehend, access, and use mass communication in our personal and professional lives.

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