Why is Media Literacy Important?

importance of Media Literacy

Do you know which era we are living in? We are now in the 21st century where technology is booming, social media expanding. There are different types of social media platforms and various kinds of content we are observing on a daily basis. The important thing is that if we have no proper data of a particular content: what is the content we observe, and what is their impact on our life? How our mind perceives that content, what is their perspective, is that content manipulates us or inspires us. What is the next action after viewing? Then be sure that we are badly affected by media content. 

Why Media Literacy

A person who is media literate has the ability to understand and know how the media works. This includes how you organize, produce their meanings and how you use them properly.  You can decide which data is true or which is false. You can clearly describe the role of the media in your life. 

Media literacy is not just important, it is absolutely critical. It’s going to make the difference between whether kids are a tool of the mass media or whether the mass media is a tool for kids to use. 

-Linda Ellerbee

It is not important to input information into our brain. Because there is a huge amount of information available across the media. It is the time for analyzing, accessing, and evaluating the content provided by the media. we have to be aware that how drastically our world is changing. In this case, media literacy plays an important role. If you can become media literate then it is easy to finger out both the wrong and right perspectives of trending information. Then you can easily access, evaluate and use it on a daily basis.

No doubt every day we are influenced by the media through television, magazines, e-newspaper, internet technology, etc. We interact with a huge amount of information that is needed for our daily life. From this, we should figure out exactly which information is needed for us, and our career. So that we can compete with the world. Becoming media literate increases our awareness of media and its impact on our lives. 

Being media literate helps us to become good decision-makers. We can easily know how to make a good decision about what information is relevant or not, which is authenticated or not, from which we can build confidence in every field of our career and make good decisions.

one more important thing is while we are evaluating media, we should decide whether the messages make a point or not, why certain information was formed, what wasn’t formed, and what are the key reasons behind that. We should learn to use examples to support our viewpoint. Then we can make up our own minds about the information based on the knowledge we already have. These activities boost our critical skills. and this will be possible if we have media literacy.  

Hope you understand the significance of media literacy, if you have got value , plz share your feedback kindly!

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