Want to know what is Flexible mind means?

Flexibility Skill

Word ‘Flexibility’ reminds us of body stretching. Right? But in today’s article, physical flexibility is not our topic. Our topic for today, 

Flexibility of Mind 

Yes, you read it right. Most people think flexibility means yoga or physical exercise instead of a flexible brain. We don’t care about mental health very much. Why do we ignore our mental health? Even knowing what we are in the exact mirror of what we think.

Imagine, if we can cultivate a proper flexible mindset, how could our life be? Yes!!! Our life will be more resilient, creative, and fulfilled. 

Sounds exciting?

So, we just have to know the exact meaning of flexibility skills.

Here is,

Definition of Flexibility skill

Flexibility is the ability to switch thoughts between two different concepts, meaning to think about multiple concepts simultaneously.

According to Wikipedia

‘Flexibility’ is a personality trait that describes the extent to which someone can cope with changes in circumstances and think about problems and tasks in a novel in creative ways. 

Somehow you have noticed, some students are very confused about tasks and when given them two or more tasks simultaneously their minds can stack. How to start. Where to go, how to manage situations, and how to respond. And finally, they might give up too. This is a common thing that happens to many students. and this occurs due to a lack of a flexible mind.

Hope you understand the exact meaning of flexibility skills, if you have found your time worthwhile, then please the comment section!

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