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the Characteristics of an accomplished thinker

Hey, welcome! In this article, we will know about Accomplished thinkers. Exactly who they are and what their Characteristics are. 

Accomplished thinkers are the sixth stage of the thinking development stage. This stage of thinkers has highly intuitive and highly conscious thinking. 

As you understand the word ‘Accomplished’, Accomplished thinkers have achieved all those criteria that help in improving thinking incomparably other stages of thinkers (unreflective thinkers, challenged thinkers, beginner thinkers, practiced thinkers)

So here are the characteristics that define the Accomplished thinker. 

Characteristics of Accomplished thinkers

(Research from critical thinking tools book)

  1. Accomplished thinkers are very systematic thinkers, they not only take charge of their thinking but also regularly practice, monitor and solve their thought processes. 
  1. They can deeply internalize the elements of their thoughts and confidently apply traits of thought processes. 
  1. They regularly raise their thinking to the level of conscious realization. 
  1. They can deeply understand the role of egocentric and sociocentric thinking.
  1. They Know the relationship between thoughts, emotions, drives and behavior.
  1. They are continually developing new insights into problems at deeper levels of thought.
  1. Accomplished thinkers are deeply committed to fair-minded thinking, and have a high level of, but not perfect, control over their egocentric nature.

Hope you understand the characteristics of Accomplished thinkers. If any queries arise related to the stage of thinking development, kindly share your thoughts in the below section. Thanks!

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