What are the problems a challenged thinker faces?

Problems faces by Challenged Thinker

Hey, do you want to know what are the problems an unreflective thinker faces? If yes, this article will tell you what you need to know. 

Sure you have known who are Challenged thinkers, which we already discussed in our previous article.

Challenged thinkers are those who become initially aware of the determining role that thinking is playing in their lives but they don’t know how to apply standards( clarity, accuracy, relevance, etc) to their thinking.

Here are the problems that Challenged thinkers face, (Research from critical thinking book)

Problems that a challenged thinker faces

  1. They start to make questionable assumptions; but can’t find out those assumptions when it is needed for action.
  2. Use false, incomplete, or misleading information;
  3. Make inferences that do not follow from the evidence.
  4. Fail to recognize important implications in their thought;
  5. They Fail to recognize their problems.
  6. They Form faulty concepts;
  7. They argue with Reason within prejudiced points of view; and
  8. Think egocentrically and irrationally.

Hope you understand the problems that arise in the case of challenged thinkers. Also, you have realized how important thinking is in our life. It drives our life according to what kind of thinking we pursue. If you want to explore more about stages of critical thinking development, stay tuned with Chatshala. Thanks!

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