What are the problems an unreflective thinker faces?

Hey, do you want to know what are the problems an unreflective thinker faces? If yes, this article will tell you what you need to know. 

Sure you have known who are unreflective thinkers, which we already discussed in our previous article.

Unreflective thinkers are highly unaware of the role of thinking in their lives. They have no idea that thinking can make and destroy. 

Here are the problems that unreflective thinkers face, 

  1. Unreflective thinkers don’t notice that they are continually making assumptions, forming concepts, drawing inferences, and thinking within points of view. 
  1.  They don’t know how to analyze and assess their thinking. 
  1. They don’t know how to determine whether their purposes are clearly formulated, their assumptions justified, or their conclusions logically drawn. 
  1. They are unaware of intellectual traits and so are not striving to embody them.

At this stage, poor thinking causes many problems in their lives, but they are unaware of this.

Here are the some,

5. They think of their beliefs as truth. They think of their decisions as sound. But this is not true.

6. They lack intellectual standards and have no idea what such standards might be. They unconsciously deceive themselves in many ways.

7. They create and maintain pleasant illusions. Their beliefs feel reasonable to them and so they believe with confidence.

Somehow you have noticed and have experienced that some people walk about the world with confidence that things really are the way they appear to them. They judge some people as “good” or “bad.” They authorize some actions. They are unauthorized. They make decisions, react to people, let people. But do not seriously question their thinking or its implication. It’s all about the problem that an unreflective thinker faces. And it is a major issue. 

Hope you understand the context that explains this. If you want to explore more about stages of critical thinking development, stay tuned with Chatshala. Thanks!

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