What are the problems beginner thinkers face?

Problems face by Beginner Thinkers

Hey, do you want to know what are the problems a Beginner thinker faces? If yes, this article will tell you what you need to know. 

Sure you have known who are beginner thinkers, which we already discussed in our previous article.

Beginner thinkers are those who actively decide to take up the challenge to grow and develop as a thinker. That person enters the stage as a “beginning thinker”. 

Here are the problems that Beginner thinkers face, (Research from critical thinking book)

Problems that a Beginner thinkers face

  1. beginning thinkers are aware of how to deal with the structures at work in thinking (purposes, questions, information, interpretations, etc.) But on some level, not far better. 
  2. They are beginning to appreciate the value of thinking about their thinking in terms of its clarity, accuracy, relevance, precision, logicalness, justifiability, breadth, and depth. But still at a low level of proficiency in their activities. 
  3. People feel awkward to them due to a lack of intellectual standards of thinking. 
  4. They force themselves to think in disciplined ways. It feels hard for them. 
  5. At certain moments they feel stupid adopting the basic position of thinking. For example in the case of analyzing any issue, making the correct decision, or communicating with others precisely. 
  6. They feel nervous and have low confidence when they try to develop their thinking. So they stumble and make mistakes.

Hope you understand the problems that arise in the case of beginner thinkers. Also, you have realized how important thinking is in our life. It drives our life according to what kind of thinking we pursue. If you want to explore more about stages of critical thinking development, stay tuned with Chatshala. Thanks!

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