Who are practicing thinkers and their Characteristics?

Characteristics of Practicing Thinkers

Hey, welcome! In this article, we will know about practicing thinkers. Exactly who they are and what their Characteristics are. 

Understand the word, ‘ practicing thinker’. it reflects those who are practicing to approach the improvement of their thinking in a systematic way. 

Thinkers at this stage have well known about how to improve their thinking on a daily basis. They easily recognize problems that arise from thinking and they have the confidence to target them and solve them systematically. Based on their sense of the need to practice regularly, they are actively analyzing their thinking in a number of regions.

It is the fourth stage of thinking development. When one person actively practices how to think correctly, with applying standards of thinking( clarity, Accuracy, Precision, Relevance, Depth, Breadth, Logic, Significance, and Fairness). 

Here are some Characteristics of practicing thinkers. (Research from critical thinking tools book)

Characteristics of Practicing thinkers

  1. becoming knowledgeable of what it would take to systematically monitor the role in their thinking of concepts, assumptions, inferences, implications, points of view, etc.
  2. becoming knowledgeable of what it would take to regularly assess their thinking for clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, logicalness, etc.
  3.  recognize the need for systematicity of critical thinking and deep internalization into habits. 
  4. clearly recognize the natural tendency of the human mind to engage in egocentric thinking and self-deception.

Hope you understand better about practicing thinkers and their characteristics. If any queries arise related to this topic. And curious to know about the six stages of critical thinking development, then stay tuned with chatshala. Thanks!

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