Who are the beginner thinkers and their Characteristics?

Characteristics of beginner thinkers

Hey, welcome! In this article, we will know about beginner thinkers. Exactly who they are and what their Characteristics are. 

Understand the word, ‘beginner thinker’. it reflects those who start to think seriously by means of which they are fully aware of the role of thinking in their lives and also know how poor thinking causes problems. So they are taking it seriously. 

It is the third stage of thinking development. When one person actively decides to take up the challenge to grow and develop as a thinker, that person enters the stage we call “beginning thinker. 

In this stage, one can know how thinking rules in their lives. They start to identify those problems which arise from their poor thinking. They prepare to think positively and gain explicit command of thinking. Beginner thinker 

 realizes their mistakes and develops the willpower to rectify them.  They try to make decisions consciously. And observe fully. 

Here are some characteristics of Beginner thinkers (Research from critical thinking book)

Characteristics of Beginner thinkers

  1. Analyze the logic of situations and problems;
  2. Express clear and precise questions;
  3. Check information for accuracy and relevance;
  4. Distinguish between raw information and someone’s interpretation of it;
  5. Recognize assumptions guiding inferences;
  6. Identify prejudicial and biased beliefs, unjustifiable conclusions, misused words, and missed implications;
  7. Notice when our selfish interests bias our viewpoint.

Simply you have found that beginner thinkers are fully conscious about their thinking and rectify their thinking. 

Hope you understand better about beginner thinkers and their characteristics. If any queries arise related to this topic. And curious to know about the six stages of critical thinking development, then stay tuned with chatshala. Thanks!

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