Why should we develop our Thinking ability?

The reason behind to develop thinking ability

What we think, it’s creating our feelings, what we feel, it’s built our attitude, what we make attitude creates our personality, our personality creates our habit, our habit makes action, our action makes our Destiny. 

All it’s happening is just by one single thing is our thought. Without thought we are nothing. What we produce, what we act, respond it’s all because of our thoughts. Clearly understand the role of thought in our life

Now we will all see how drastically our world is changing. Before some years there was less content available in the form of media. But now these times, information is available everywhere in 24 hours. First media than social media and several platforms that promote the availability of new trendy information. We are not one minute free without content. 

But Quality???

It’s a big question. 

What we become depends on What we see, what we listen to, what we read. So we sharpen our thought process according to the transformation of the world and its contents. 

The question of how to survive in the world is a question that continually transforms itself. Accelerating change, increasing complexity, and intensifying danger sound the death knell for traditional methods of learning. How can we adapt to reality when reality won’t give us the time to master it? 

We have to sharpen our thoughts to see the real world instead of believing what others want us to be. We replace our  Short-term thinking, which leads to quick-fix solutions, which is largely the rule of the day. We have to regularly re-examine the extent of our ignorance. Through it, we can grasp the need for the regular exercise of disciplined thinking. We can understand the long-term nature of intellectual development, social change, and personal growth and transformation.

Hope we understand what I mean to say. We have to develop our thoughts if we want to survive fully in this changeable world. 


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