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About ICEC

Explore about Intellectual Curiosity Enhancement Culture

Being Curious is no more a born-talent!

Intellectual Curiosity Enhancement Culture (ICEC) is a comprehensive, hyper-customized-personalized, academically integrated and NEP-2020 based solution, that aims at solving one major issue, almost all schools are suffering -

"Irregular activation of Intellectual Curiosity of the students through out the academic year"

Through which, the school can break the barrier of 'Natural Inquisitiveness Decay (NID)' of all the students and save them from its negative consequences -


Know the reasons that backups this master solution

Most of the students are just learning without pursuing the real purpose of education, with suffering from eight major cognitive issues, which hinders the possibilities of exploring their fullest potential. It just limit their prosperity in academics, personal and professional well-being. And as the nucleus of the country, each and every student deserves something better to be equipped with all the abilities, so that they can contribute in the process and progress of 21st century India.

Epistemic Curiosity Deficit

Most of the students has lesser interest to know something new and apply that knowledge into higher degree thinking and betterment of society.

Incomplete Learning Syndrome

Most of the students are acquiring information, without truly understanding it or being able to apply it in different contexts. It leads to incomplete purpose of education.

Uncritical Thinking Stigma

Most of the students are suffering from the over-flood of information around them. They are just unable to avoid uncritical thoughts in academics, personal and professional life.

Uncreative Thinking Stigma

Most of the students are suffering from the monotonicity of ideas. They are seldom open to new ideas, ways and strategies to experiment and go with uncertainity.

Poor Information Management

In this information-age, it's really critical to assess, compare, analyze and evaluate information and utilize it for the betterment of self, society and nation as a whole.

Ineffective Decision Making

Due to various cognitive inertia, most of the students are unable to take better-informed decisions that leads to a better academic, personal and professional well-being.

Lower Scientific Tempermant

Due to lack of various cognitive traits like objectivity, skepticism, open-mindedness, curiosity, rationality, creativity etc., students has lower level of scientific temperament within.

IMTF Illiteracy

Due to lack of inquisitiveness and trapped with its negative consequence, students has very poor literacy skills w.r.t information, media, technology and finance, which are the backbone of this century.

How ICEC Works

Know how ICEC solves this major issue - NID

This program solves one of the major cognitive barriers - 'Natural Inquisitiveness Decay' for students in their path of learning. And helps them to enrich their true potential through better rational mindset. As we know inside a classroom, few students ask questions; others are not. It's very hard to see the mass active engagements in a class. And it's due to so many classroom cultural Inertia. Lack of the culture of enhancing curiosity of the students is one of them.

The other side of story is though some schools succeed at igniting curiosity of the students, through better teaching methodologies; but it's quite become hard to establish and sustain it through out the academic year. So a consistent habit forming culture is the need of the hour to enhance the intellectual curiosity of the students; because other goals of 21st-century learning will become just a by-product of it for students.

NEP-2020 also suggests to build an interactive and fun classrooms, where questions are encouraged, with creative, collaborative, and exploratory activities for deeper and more experiential learning. So learning will thus move away from rote memorization; if and when rote learning is used, it will always be pre-accompanied by context and motivation, and post-accompanied by analysis, discuss and applications.

Therefore, to reorient the entire school education curriculum; we first need to germinate the cognitive freedom inside the classroom, backed by a strong culture, where students will feel safe and secure to learn and achieve all the learning goals. To inculcate scientific temper in the school culture and encouraging both the teachers and students to enjoy their respective roles of learning, purposefully, we have developed a 10-pilar based strategic solution - Intellectual Curiosity Enhancement Culture (ICEC), that will provide a year-long support mechanism to boost the scientific temperament by enhancing their intellectual curiosity.


About the importance of asking questions, learning purposefully, filtering information, taking better-informed decisions in this 21st century.


Students will be assessed for the level of their inquisitiveness inside the classroom. Teachers will be assessed for their teaching performance.


Students will be encouraged for asking more questions and express their curiosity freely in the sphere of academics.


Students will be educated about how to ask better questions and utilize it in achieving the larger goals of their life.


The teaching style, way of learning and interests of students to know something new will be enhanced with suitable models.


Students are encouraged to explore the topics they find to be interested, though it may be out of syllabus; but should be meant for their  intellectual growth.


All kind of intellectual queries of students will be resolved . It may be either textual-based or out of wonderness


Students will get inspired by their class teachers for building a collaborative-net of exploring concepts purposefully.


Both the teachers & students will get cooperation in creating an interactive and fun classroom.

Reward & Recognition

Both the teachers and students will be recognized and get rewarded for practicing inquisitiveness and true-learning.

Changes, it brings

After implementing ICEC, you can see the following changes within students

Before ICEC After ICEC
Students think that learning is just retaining the information gained.
They see the purpose of learning is much more beyond that.
Most of the students even don't know the style of managing learned information is of no use.
Most of the students even don't know the style of managing learned information is of no use.
Usually students see no use of academic concepts beyond school.
They can observe the applications of academic concepts in real world
Students feel that scoring better in exam is the soul motive of their learning
They feel that scoring better in academic examination is just a by-product
Though some students want to ask about their insecurities, but have no freedom to do so.
They feel cognitive freedom inside classroom
Students don't feel that classroom is the better place to ignite their curiosity.
They feel the classroom is the most open space to present something.
Students feel that the whole classroom setup is meant to help them to score better in exams.
They feel that school is meant to ignite and empower their raw talents and make them ready for VUCA world.
Even students don't aware of their true potential of asking questions.
They are well aware of their potential and know what they deserve.
Most students don't feel safe and secure socio-emotionally to showcase their cognitive change.
They will feel appreciated for their appropriate changes. Even will be rewarded and recognised for the same.
Students are just spending their years of time in storing and deleting the information gained.
They will find the value of the academic system. And become a better life-long learner.

Identity, it creates

After implementing ICEC, the following value-traits of your school will be spread

The school is treated as the temple of knowledge and wisdom for a child. This is the place where we expect to nurture the most important assets of our country - children. By providing a kind of holistic environment, we want to grow them up to their fullest potential and prepare them for jobs that have not yet been created, technologies that have not yet invented, and problems that we don't yet know will arise. And for that we just need to make them life-long active and efficient learner, who stays curious all time, in all contexts related to their growth.

And ICEC is in that mission to nurture the futures of our nation with objectivity, skepticism, rationality, observation, critical thinking, creative thinking, communication and collaboration. Therefore, implementing this culture in your school may boost the identity of your school in many ways.


The school is open for Innovation


The school is open to adapt new changes with time


The school is providing the real cognitive freedom for children.


The school is a step ahead of others for development


The school is trying to build the true holistic environment

Efficient Teaching

The school is powered by efficient teaching methodology

Student Focused

The school is focused for the real development of students

21st-century Ready

The school is intended to build a 21st-century learning platform

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