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Attend this webinar if you want to know how to become an advanced parent in this 21st century, who is well aware of all kinds of changes that are going to happen.

Globalization and technology have exponentially increased the competition and uncertainty in the labor market. Technology has introduced further changes to family life, modifying the way family members interact. In the digital era, parents can seek and exchange support and information more easily than ever. Millennial parents seem to prefer to consult the Internet and social media before seeing a professional offline or asking family members or neighbors. 

And the entire world has witnessed an era of intense transformation in all areas, like education, global trade, economy, technology or society. Recently, the covid-19 pandemic is also throwing up challenges for an individual to cope with its impacts. Naturally, for such times, a different skill–set is required not only for students but also for a parent too.  Which will enable both of them to cope-up and succeed in facing the challenges in real-life, leading to their holistic progress. So that they can contribute to the progress and development of their society, nation and world. 

Many parents turn to the Internet or parenting books and may get lost and confused by the sheer endless number of parenting approaches advocated for and warned against, from holistic and attachment parenting to hothousing and buddy parenting. Taking a look at the sphere of available information reveals a confusing range of advertised parenting approaches with little or no evidence, on the one hand, and approaches that are well-established and researched, on the other hand. And you know what, most of the students wish for the betterment in smartness of their parents. With all the technological advancement, today’s generation of parents can upgrade their parenting styles. 

So parents have to be equipped with a certain level of skill-sets that will make some smart decisions. And ultimately can guide their children too. So, this webinar focuses on discussing certain skill-sets in depth, to make you one step ahead of your current parenting capacity. Become smart and be the parent your child wishes for.

Don't come alone; come with your spouse! Both are most welcome!


By the end of this session, you will be able to know the importance of

Urgency of being smarter

As a parent, you have to know what are the urgencies of becoming smarter in this century.

Skill-sets required to be smarter

As a parent, you should know the skill-sets required to become a smarter in this smarter world.

21st century Information Literacy

As a parent, you should know how information literacy will help you to become smarter.

21st century Media Literacy

As a parent, you should know how media literacy will help you to become smarter.

21st century Technology Literacy

As a parent, you should know how technology literacy will help you to become smarter.

21st century Finance Literacy

As a parent, you should know how finance literacy will help you to become smarter.

This webinar covers

After this session, you will be able to answer all the following important questions

Why do you need to re-work your parenting?

Why does smartness matter as a parent?

What are the skill-sets required for smartness?

How to upgrade your information literacy?

How to up-skill your media literacy?

How to upgrade your technology literacy?

How to upgrade your finance literacy?

How to guide your children smartly?

How to be a children friendly parent?

when you gain what

12:00 - 1:15 PM, 13th March 2022

12:00 - 1:15 PM, 13th March 2022

takeaways from THIS WEBINAR

These free takeaways will boost you to utilize the time you will invest here


Smartness Checker (Parent)

With this worksheet, you can measure how much you are focused on enhancing your smartness.


smartness checker (children)

With this worksheet, your child can measure their smartness and its effectiveness.


Literacy Assignment Calender

With this worksheet, you can list out the assignments, for preparing better to enhance your smartness.

About The Speaker

He has good scientific bent of mind and is well versed with student's overall development. His systematic and analytical way of approach is truly motivating. His work is not restricted to a limited dimension of corporate leadership but is well extended for the betterment of the students and parents revealing his far insight.

According to him:

Making your children smarter,
you have to be a smart parent first.

Mr. Santanu Ku. Patro

Founder & CEO, Chatshala

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If you are a student, this webinar will be eye-opening session. And if you are a parent, this webinar will be the magnetic compass in your parenting journey. 

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