We are proud to announce our Partnership with ‘Moonshot Junior’

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Learning is complete and holistic only when students are able to effectively perform and fulfil their responsibilities and duties towards self, school, family, society and above all, the nation. The goal is to enable today’s students to be  good citizens and responsible human-beings who are well-aware of their potential and competence. Simply teaching to test or learning for exams is not going to help a student face everyday life situations. 

So we need 21st century skill integrated education for our bright future. It is the only key factor to build the future workforce. That’s why Andreas Schleicher, OECD Education Directorate explains the need for 21st century skills as follows: “Today, because of rapid economic and social change, schools have to prepare students for jobs that have not yet been created, technologies that have not yet been invented and problems that we don’t yet know will arise.” 

Various EdTech startups have aligned their vision with this grand mission to empower our next generation. One of them is silicon valley based Moonshot Junior, which creates future Techpreneurs. Chatshala traced some common interest in this startup- Moonshot Junior. Both organizations are exploring various modern tech-education for helping children to find their tech-passion. So both organisations have joined their hands to disrupt the education system with their innovative and skill based learning methodologies. 

Moonshot Junior is a silicon valley based organization, which is creating future Tech-preneurs. It has a four stage Innovative program to develop tech-preneurial mindset among children. This mindset plays a major role in this 4th industrial revolution. 

Chatshala entered into the edtech space with its Passion-to-profession journey methodology, which helps students to find their ‘passion’, explore and transfer it into a ‘profitable profession’. It empowers a passionate workforce who will face the future world. 

Chatshala provides an end-to-end fully personalized Saas-based service for building the link between one’s passion and profession. The two learning platforms are allowing children to discover their true passion, creating opportunities for them to explore various modern technologies and how to use them to transfer their passion to a profitable profession. They are also channelizing childrens’ unconstrained curiosity in the most suitable direction with the help of world-class industry experts. 

The partnership of these two organizations has blurred the boundaries, and today, they are encouraging both the students and parents to prepare for building a passionate profession. 

We believe that Santanu kumar Patro, Founder and CEO, of Chatshala are leaving no ways unpaved for students to go from their passion to profession. The CEO said, “Chatshala has a very big, hairy audacious goal. We can not do it alone; but together we will move mountains. I am glad about our partnership with silicon valley based organization- MoonshotJr. It  is our honor and pleasure to work with such an organization which is providing cutting edge learning solutions to make our children future-savvy.  In Chatshala, we just want to create a supportive environment for building a purposeful leadership network for our nation.”

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