Don’t Consider your Interest as your Passion

Sure you have experienced that, some activities are very interesting to do. And also you start but in a few days, your curiosity level goes down.

Did you mark it?

And yes many have faced it. Me too.

But why is this so? Why can we not proceed for a long time? 

Just because that is not our real passion. Passion is that zone, where we forget time and space and even hunger. When we are so engaged in that work. 

And this only happens when we have the toughest level of interest in it. And have the ability to do that work. So we always are self-motivated to start and proceed without turning back. Whatever the worst situation may arise, we aren’t affected. We give our fullest effort to make things happen. 

To specify which activity you have an interest in but do not have the ability and which activity you have the ability and love most to do. 

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