If You Feel A Constantly Blinking Flash Of Interest, Hold It Tightly. Otherwise You May Miss It Forever

f you feel a constantly blinking flash of interest, hold it rightly. Otherwise, you may miss it forever

Let me know one thing! What is the single thing that is highly needed for something to start? 

Courage? Ability? Or what?

But if you don’t have a little bit of interest in it. Then? All reasons that supported starting are meaningless or not workable. Isn’t it?

Yes, your interest zone matters a lot. What you want, which work you love most, matters a lot. Because it is the initiator to start something. 

And you know what, if you start the record of your interests, you may find that there are only some interests which are reflected more than others, in a certain period of time. And you have to mark on that interest and take some appropriate action for exploring it well. 

For example, since the last 5 years, you have had a different kind of interest in coding. So don’t overthink, just make sure whether the field is future-ready or not, then go deeper and deeper.

So If you feel a constantly blinking flash of interest, hold it rightly. Explore it most possibly. Build your mastery on it. Sure you will feel great in it.

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