Are you trying to find ‘Passiontoo? If so, don’t move! 

Hey, Do you know, most students have misconceptions about passion so they are just unable to explore their passion, Are you sure that you don’t have that misconception?
want to clarify it, if yes, just explore!

Hey, welcome! Sure this headline blows you away! Since most of the students think to find their so-called ‘passion’ at some point; they don’t know anything about it clearly. Are you one of those? Here in the article which is going to reveal that secret. 

Some of the common myths are: 

  1. Passion is the intense interest in certain work!
  2. Passion is having expertise on a particular field
  3. Passion is the particular field, we have to find out

But you know what, passion is not anything like the above three. It is not the intense interest in some works. It is not having any expertise in a particular field. Or it is not a solid thing that we need to find out. And you know what, when we say passion is something to find, at that time we decided that after finding passion, it’s just enough to explore more. 

Actually, We have come across so many students and their thought processes. Most of them have the same common misconception about it. Here are some of the mentions, directly from them:

First of all, you need to understand one thing that ‘passion’ is not that kind of stuff, which we will find anywhere. It is not any particular field of interest like singing, dancing, sports, entrepreneurship, or coding. It is not about any talent that we have in a field. It is not a great performance in an activity. 

If not, so what exactly is it?

Passion is about the enthusiasm you have for something. It is the thing you get energized just thinking about. It is the topic you never get tired of learning about, it is the topic you never get tired of talking about. It is where your creativity soars. 

It means, ‘passion’ is just the cerebral state when we feel a different kind of connection with the activity, where we have both the interest and ability. So we may say here that in the field where both your interest and ability are present, there is a maximum chance that your passion may lie in that zone. 

Moreover, it is nothing but the right intersection zone of our interest and ability. 

And you know what, in Chatshala, we have researched the passion journey of so many passionate people, from diverse areas of interest. If you look at their life journey, you may find out only one thing in common:

All of them have just explored the things that came under their way, with their fullest available potentials. 

You may take examples from Ankur Warikoo to M.S. Dhoni and Amitabh Bachan. There are thousands of examples we can learn from. 

So, everyone has just explored one or many things to get the state of ‘passion’. Some of them focused so deeply on one field of interest. And some of them have explored different kinds of fields, then they have realized the supreme involvement i.e. passion. But one thing is very clear that none of them didn’t find so-called ‘passion’. Getting my point?

And here is an article for further reading: 


Hope you get that key! If any queries arise in your mind related to the exploration of passion, don’t hesitate, just comment below, we are here!

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