Can our ‘Interests’ become our ‘Passion’?

Hey, What do you think, is this possible? Can really our interests become our passion? if yes, how? how can some passion-driven person makes their interest into passion, what are those algorithm they just follow? wants to know, if yes, explore!

Hey, welcome! Hope you are great. In this blog, we are going to discuss one of the key aspects of passion exploration, most students face in their life. That is – Can our Interest become Passion?

And the answer is Yes…but How?

See, we must understand that when we were born as a new baby, our mind was fully empty. We don’t know anything. When we grow, we acquire information slowly, experience surroundings, aware of the things that actually it is. Isn’t it?  

Our thinking, feelings,  emotions, as well as interests, originated from this involvement in what we gain from our surroundings.

Here we are going to a story, very early when no one discovered that earth is round, everyone just fears to take step long. They are just afraid to fail. After discovering the earth is round, everyone freely moves, explores things more, builds curiosity to know more. run….

Similarly, our interests are driven by our surroundings, what we experience and what we explore.

You have experienced that, before the pandemic covid-19, very few are aware of the advance and urgency of technology. In a rural area, this was much. But after covid, every single person understands the urgency, adopts this, builds interest in it.

So here one thing is very sure, our interests depend on how much we experience things. 

But how can our interest become passion?

As we already explored in our previous article,  passion is the interaction zone of our interest and ability.

Know more….

So here we have to make a bond with our interest zone. How much we explore what we love, we build connections and expertise. isn’t it?

Passion exploration is just a relationship you know. How much we explore, we will feel more engaged, what needs to make this engagement better we do that accordingly. Isn’t it?

For example – we have interests in developing a 3D interactive educational game, which will illuminate students to learn something by being engaged in that game. So see, for this, we have to do several jobs like we have to learn to code first. Then we may require to meet some experts in this field and discuss with them. And then we have to do both online research and field research and blah blah…

In these ways, we can generate certain kinds of abilities in game development. Isn’t it so?


This is the particular zone where our interest meets ability is nothing but our passion. 

Passion= your interest + your ability

That’s why I am interested to tell you that we can develop the way to mastery over certain kinds of knowledge or skills that are required to achieve some interests. Simply, we can work on it. So here is a basic algorithm for setting-up your interests –

STEP-1: List your some of the key interests by exploring the world

STEP-2: Re-check and make sure whether the interests that you have imagined are going to fulfill the necessities of this century or not.

STEP-3: If so, go ahead to gain a certain level of mastery over the interests. 

STEP-4: Pause a while! & Look back! If you are more vigorous and active to go ahead of the current level of exploration in that field, then move ahead and gain extraordinary expertise. And If not, go back to step-2 and reassess.

And you know what, when you will reach step-4, you are so close to feel the power of passion. That may be the basic way to transfer our so-called ‘interests’ into ‘passion’. And you know very well, it may be a one-time loop for some students and it may be a multi-loop of exploration for others. It all depends upon the circumstances and some other associated factors of the individual. 

But the concept is similar to all kinds of students. That is –

We can sharpen our interests by associating them with a certain level of ability.

And there are numerous examples of people, who have transferred their interests into a passion. Like Dr. V. Sarabhai, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Amitabh Bachan, Sadhguru, Vivek Bindra, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and so many…They all have achieved milestones in different fields. But one thing in common between them is that they have followed the above basic algorithm.

And as a student, if you follow the above algorithm, you may definitely transform their so-called ‘interests’ to ‘passion’.

Wish you all the very best! Thanks for your time!

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