Passion is a very fancy world but do you have an idea what exactly the meaning of passion is? if No, Explore now!

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Yes, as you know, in the previous blogs, we have discussed something about a single word – ‘Passion’. Isn’t it? In this blog, we will explore more on it too. 

In the previous two blogs –

Is passion something that we love to do?

Having better ability doesn’t mean having a passion for it.

We have discussed that ‘passion’ is not something like our immense interest in something, rather it is not having some specific expertise in a field(s). Then what is it actually? 

You know what, this word has become fancier nowadays. It looks cool to say, ‘I’m passionate about XYZ…’. But I feel, most people need to understand it very clearly. They are just uttering ‘passion’, but they are thinking ‘interest’ subconsciously in their mind. 

Then, where is the problem?

The issue is at the door! We are just considering the meaning of passion by exploring some aspects of it only. 

By the way, we have explored from the previous articles that

Passion is about the enthusiasm you have for something. It is the thing you get energized just thinking about. It is the topic you never get tired of learning about, it is the topic you never get tired of talking about. It is where your creativity soars. 

It is being in that zone, where you forget the time and space and even hunger because you are so engaged in that work. 

Isn’t it?

Most of the students started their misconception, right from this point. They are just thinking that passion is something that will give us dreams and we will fly over our dreams. 

No! Not at all!

Passion is not the thing that will always give you a dream, it gives practicality too. And you know what, passion is not an area of interest, like physics, chemistry, mathematics, coding, entrepreneurship or music, dance, etc. Rather it is a specific conscious intent, for which you are ready to do anything. But you know, you can not explore that intent, without the help of these areas of knowledge.  

So better, you think in this way –

Exactly these areas where one’s interests and ability meet is nothing but the ‘Passion’. So passion is the intersection zone of what you love to do and what you are great at.

For example, you just love to do coding and have the ability to do so. Then there is the possibility that ‘coding’ is that area, where your passion lies.

Gained some ideas?

See, human life is full of adventure. Each and every day is a day of adventure for us. Every day we will face a new setup of everything. So anything can change anytime. So how can we tackle it? As a student, you have the following primary responsibilities-

  1. Make sure that you are keeping your mind organized,
  2. Make sure that you are maintaining your body in a healthy way, 
  3. Make sure that you can maintain your emotional state.
  4. Make sure that you have a better 21st-century friendly environment to explore
  5. Make sure that you are exploring well and working with your own potential, and uniqueness.

So as a student, try to make sure of the above five activities. You need to maintain a proper balance between these five major areas. So whatever comes your way, just explore them with your fullest potential and see what happens. You have so much time to observe the world and commit to something which will utilize your whole life’s energies. And as a student, this is the perfect age to explore well, try different things, enjoy the different processes, etc. So never think that passion is something which can be found some time and we have to stick to that. 

It is something that will give you notification repeatedly. So don’t worry about it! Just make sure the above five areas are really going well in your case and give proper time to balance these fives. 

And yes, don’t worry, we have so much stuff to discuss. So don’t conclude anything just by reading this article. 

But yes, you can takeaways from this article as –

“As a student, you have to try to explore different aspects of necessity for your full-growth. You have to try different fields of knowledge and skillsets. So that at one point, you can make a decision with a lower error rate.”

Hope you have understood what I wanted to share with you!

In the next blogs, we will reveal more interesting stuff about you and your passion. So stay tuned with us. Wish you all the best! Have a great time! 

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