Having Better Ability In Certain Fields, Doesn’t Mean To Have ‘PASSION’ In It

Do you know, what is the relation between ‘ability’ and ‘passion’? Do you want to know, why ability is different than passion? Explore now!

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Hope you are doing well! In this blog, I’d like to discuss something more about the word – ‘Passion’.

Well! Before proceeding further, I’d like to ask you, whether you know something about passion or not. Do you?

Hopefully yes! Perhaps, you have read our previous blog. If not, please read it…it will take a few minutes. Okay!

And if yes, I’m sure you have some kind of clarity that passion is something which is not our intensive interest in something. 

Then, If we have some kind of expertise in certain fields, then can we say that area is our passion? 

What do you think? 

Obviously not! Isn’t it? 

Because we know that passion is nothing but the right intersection zone between our interests and ability. It lies in the activity, which we love to do and we have good ability to do that. 

Isn’t it?

But the question is why is it not so?

You know that everything becomes simpler when we explore an appropriate example. Let’s do so! Okay!

There is a student, Adarsh, who is studying at grade-9. He is a bright student, performs well in coding. He can just make some better codes. But he can not make some better drawings. But you know what, someday, he finds some kind of interest towards it. He wanted to draw some graphics online. You know, youtube is the best medium to gain video explanations for nowadays generation. After watching some photoshop tutorials, he has started to do some text graphics. Slowly, slowly he has moved to design some logos. He is just increasing his interest towards it day by day. After completing all the academic tasks, he just moves to graphic designing. So think how his interest has grown up. And after 1 complete year of exploration, now he is able to design more creative graphics. 

See the growth curve, how it behaved. Can you observe it?

Hope you catch the point!

See, one day Adarsh has some kind of general interest in coding. But after exploring ‘design’, he has felt his desire to explore more on ‘design’. So he has continued his exploration and reach at a certain level. Here one thing is very clear that, though he has ability in coding one day, he has not felt any kind of enthusiasm in coding. But he has explored his other interest with enthusiasm by acquiring the necessary skill-set for designing (i.e. photoshop here). That kind of enthusiasm is a reflection that his passion may lie in ‘graphic designing’. 

So, we may conclude from the above scenario that if you have interest in a certain field, you can develop ability in that same field. But if you have some kind of ability, but have no interest in it, obviously there is a lower possibility for the well exploration of that area. So if you have a certain kind of ability, that doesn’t mean that you can feel the energy of passion there.

Hope you understand my point!

We will discuss more on ‘passion’ in the next blog. So stay tuned with us. 

Thanks for your time! Have a Good Time!

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