How does setting up ‘Mission’ matter?

How does Setting up 'Mission' matter

Before going to ‘mission’ and understanding which ‘mission’ we are going to talk about, first look at the picture below.

The word ‘IKIGAI’ is the state of higher attainment and success, where these four circles meet. Whenever the first and second circle meets, it gives rise to ‘passion’. When the 1st and 3rd circle meets, it gives rise to Mission. And whenever the 3rd and 4th circle meets, it gives rise to ‘Vocation’. And when the 4th one meets with the 1st circle, it gives ‘profession’. 


How does Setting up ‘Mission’ matter?

If you want to live your life to the fullest, find your IKIGAI. 

For finding IKIGAI, the 1st and 3rd circle must meet. 

Why is this so? 

This is absolutely right to do something based on your interest zone. When you don’t have excitement, curiosity, and love, that’s not happened in the fullest way, you can’t give your 100% in them. And this is proven. 

Successful people know what they want, why they want it, and how to get it

Go on that way which excites you, which you have an interest in and you are good at. 

Think if we go that way which we have on passion for but the whole world does not need that. Then? What will happen?

We couldn’t get success. 

We should live the way that the world needs, every step of us must go for humanity, and have the aim of serving others. 

This will give us real peace and joy. And it obviously benefited us and our world. 

So lastly, but not least find that zone which four circles must meet. 


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