How to explore your ‘Passion’?

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In this article, I would like to share the most basic algorithm and process for exploring your passion. Ready for it? Let’s begin!

You know very well that Passion is something you just love to do and you are good at it. It is something that you have a different kind of connection with that activity. It is like a bridge between your interests and ability areas. It connects these two in a great way. So for building that bridge, you need to start the exploration with tremendous discipline. 

And for your kind information, there are so many different aspects and factors that matter more in the way of exploration; but in this article, we will discuss the most basic level practice of exploring the passion. We call it ‘The IP Test’. 

IP Test

In this practice, you need to fill up the following three columns on a regular basis with natural discipline. You just need to observe your interests and examine your performance in those activities. You just need to write your interests and rate your performance on a scale of 10 units. 

My InterestsMy AbilityPerformance Score
Training peopleNatural/Trained0-10/10

Continue this process for 21 days. Then select the interests the interests with score -5 or more than 5. There are maximum possibility that these interests may your passion. Then you have to examine another level of IP test. That we will cover in another article. Thanks! Have a Good Time!

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