IKIGAI -The correct principle for career development!

IKIGAI principles for career development

Instead of saying career development, why not say finding the true purpose of Life? Just feel the sense, “develop a career which is based on your purpose of life. Which career teaches you every moment, which gives you real happiness, also you have the ability to do that work and the world also pays for it and lastly that is highly demanded by the world. 

Simply we ignore to think and take it in this way that passion is different things and career development is different things. Passion gives us pleasure and a career gives us money. These two are different. Right? 

Why we don’t push ourselves to think to build a career on surround our passion which gives us full pleasure to live and money to survive that how could our life so peaceful. 

That’s the concept of IKIGAI, which we already discussed in our previous article. 

Now in this article, we will know how we implement IKIGAI principles for our career development?

IKIGAI principle on Career Development:

Ask some certain questions to yourself.

What do you love to do?

Think about yourself, which field you have an interest in, which activity you love to do. What is the thing you get energized just thinking about? It is the topic you never get tired of learning about, it is the topic you never get tired of talking about. It may be singing, computing, gaming, helping, writing, gardening, networking, designing etc. Find out that thing.

What are you good at?

Whatever you love to do, do you have the ability to do that work? 

Suppose I love singing but I can’t sing better. This is not the act that I am good at.

What does the world need?

Yes! If singing you love to do and you are good at that. Then yes, the world needs to listen to songs. The whole world loves to do it. 

Similarly ask yourself what you like to do, what you are good at, what the whole world needs that? If yes, congratulate you on the 3rd question. 


What can you be paid for?

This is quite a different and challenging question to ask. What you love to do, you have the ability to do that work and the world needs that but can you be paid for? 


If you have no answer yet, don’t be worried about that. If you are a student or working on a job currently or looking for and you have the certain financial stability to survive currently then you just focus on exploring the above 3 answers. Not just thinking about the fourth. Explore your passion, give time to explore more, it takes time but when you feel to be explored then live on that, making a career on that passion. Sure you will find peace every moment, finding true purpose and satisfaction. And no doubt you will become well financially stable and will give value to the world.

Hope you get some overall idea about KIGAI principles for career development. We would like to discuss something more on this, in our coming articles. Wish you a good time ahead! Thanks!

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