Is ‘passion’ something that we just love to do?

Do you know, what is the real meaning of ‘Passion’? Do you want to know, which two intersection zones help you to find your passion? Explore now!

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Hope you are doing well! In this blog, I’d like to discuss something more about the word – ‘Passion’.

Well! Before proceeding further, I’d like to ask you, whether you know something about passion or not. Do you?

Okay, let us google it!

So, we get this type of some result, after searching:

Can you observe something? 

It shows ‘passion’ as some kind of strong and barely controllable emotion. Getting it?

Frankly, I don’t. 

Let me search for the meaning of it. And it looks as:

That means, the meaning of passion is some kind of intensive interest in something. Really?

I don’t think so! 

Do you know why?

See, what is ‘Josh’? It is a kind of ‘Intensive interest’. Okay! Do you know how our interests become intensive? What is the mystery around that ‘intensity’?

If you can understand it, you can reveal the meaning of ‘Passion’ easily.

See…Passion is not exactly your tremendous interest in doing something. It is not about any talent. It is not knowing a lot about a topic. It is not a great performance in a task. It is not having a lot of experience in doing certain works.

What is ‘Passion’ then exactly? 

Passion is about the enthusiasm you have for something. It is the thing you get energized just thinking about. It is the topic you never get tired of learning about, it is the topic you never get tired of talking about. It is where your creativity soars. 

It is being in that zone, where you forget the time and space and even hunger because you are so engaged in that work. 


Have you ever felt anything like this?

You know what, passion is not an area of interest, like physics, chemistry, mathematics, coding, entrepreneurship or music, dance, etc. Rather it is a specific conscious intent, for which you are ready to do anything. But you know, you can not explore that intent, without the help of these areas of knowledge.  

So better, you think in this way –

Exactly these areas where one’s interests and ability meet is nothing but the ‘Passion’. So passion is the intersection zone of what you love to do and what you are great at.

For example, you just love to do coding and have the ability to do so. Then there is the possibility that ‘coding’ is that area, where your passion lies.

Hope you have understood the overall idea about passion. 

In the next blogs, we will discuss more interesting topics about it. So stay tuned with us.

Wish you all the best! Have a great time!

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