‘Passion’ is more than ‘Interests’

passion is more than interest

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Yes you read it right. Passion is not only the interest, which we like most. Unfortunately, most of the students think in this way.

So, I would like to tell you a small story of two friends, which might help you to understand the real connection between these two. There are two friends, who are studying in the same class and school. One friend’s name is Mohit and another’s name is Swayam. They are best friends, they like to spend time together; but they have no common interests. They have divergent choices and interests. Mohit has interests in painting, paper crafting, graphics making, singing, dancing, participating in quiz competitions, art exhibitions. Also he has some kind of interest in rockets, aliens, mars missions etc. And he is best at artworks like painting, paper crafting etc.; but he is very poor in dancing, science-related works etc. 

On the other hand, Swayam has an interest in playing video games, learning computer coding etc. Also he has built gaming software. Apart from technology, he has an interest in space sciences, rockets, planetary movements etc. 

So, if you observe the interests of these two friends, you can say that Mohit has divergent interests; but ability in artistic works. And Swayam has some kind of techy-guy, who is very tech-savvy. So what I want to tell you is that both are interested in various activities, but they are doing well in some particular activities. Like Mohit has interests in so many things, from painting to space science. But he can do painting well. He has never attempted anything related to science, space sciences etc. So we can tell that Mohit has the ability in artistic works. And Swayam has the ability in computer/software works. 

Perhaps, you have understood that ‘Interests’ and ‘Passion’ are two different things. Passion is not about interests. It is more than this. So passion is the intersection zone of what you love to do and what you are great at. So we can say that Mohit has passion in artistic works and Swayam has passion in tech-related works. Isn’t it? 

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