Passion is the lamp of your life

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In this short article, we will emphasize the role of our ‘passion’. As we all know ‘passion’ is the energy that guides us to be more active on something. 

If we just think about our life without any passion within us, then simpay we will feel the life of procrastination, uselessness, irrelevancy, inappropriateness, and no-direction etc. The life will be full of non-directional activities. We will just feel like moving without any ray in our path. 

You know what, the logic is very simple. Just imagine one day, when you have planned the day before that day. It may be your exam day, maybe some visit to another place or anything that excites you, you will just wake up with a smile and work on whatever schedule you have designed the day before. That means the schedule clarifies your thought process. It just works like a lamp for that day.

In a similar way, if you have explored your ‘passion’ appropriately, you can set your well-defined ‘purpose’. And that purpose will brighten your way to move on. And as you know very well, ‘passion’ is the right seed of the tree of ‘Purpose’. That’s why we call the passion as the lamp in our life, which just lightens us. 

Hope you understand the essence of passion in one’s life. Thanks, have a great time!

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