Passion without direction is meaningless

feature image of passion without direction is meaningless

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In this article, we will discuss why it is necessary to make our passion properly directed. As we all know, ‘passion’ is the intersection zone of our interests, and abilities. And we will feel the power of a different kind of energy while working on it. Though we feel energized and happy, if it is not properly directed towards the betterment of our world, no one will respect our passion. No doubt we feel satisfied, excited and complacent, but if it is not properly directed, generally we will feel uselessness and a sense of uncertainty. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended to develop the right kind of compassion that will direct our passion in a meaningful way. Whenever your passion meets compassion, it becomes your ‘Purpose’. And once you have set your purpose in life, it will become awesome. You just brighten the surrounding in a different way. Just think over it and play carefully with your ‘passion’. Wish you all the very best! Thanks!

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