SIDHI-The state of Higher Attainment of Life

SIDHI The state of Higher Attainment of Life

SIDHI word represents the state of higher attainment of Life. Sidhi means blissfulness.

Let’s know about more this world. And how to get SIDHI in Life? 

Another name of SIDHI is IKIGAI which we already discussed in our previous article. This is a Japanese word that realizes one’s purpose in life. A person has a clear purpose when he knows actual who he is. Otherwise, he couldn’t find their purpose in life, what’s the value of his life. The main thing is it’s not too easy to find, but who finds he lives their life in the fullest way. 

So how do you get your IKIGAI or SIDHI?

Now we will discuss in detail how do you get your SIDHI by using four common trapping zone of IKIGAI concepts. Ok

1. Know what you love to do

Think about yourself, which field you have an interest in, which activity you love to do. What is the thing you get energized just thinking about? What is the topic you never get tired of learning about, what is the topic you never get tired of talking about? It may be singing, computing, gaming, helping, writing, gardening, networking, designing, etc. Find out that thing.

2. What are you good at?

Whatever you love to do, do you have the ability to do that work? 

Suppose I love singing but I can’t sing better. This is not the act that I am good at. 

3. What does the world need?

Yes! If singing you love to do and you are good at that. Then yes, the world needs to listen to songs. The whole world loves to do it. 

Similarly ask yourself what you like to do, what you are good at, what the whole world needs that? If yes, congratulate you pass the 3rd question. 


4. What can you be paid for?

This is quite a different and challenging question to ask. What you love to do, you have the ability to do that work and the world needs that but can you be paid for? 

If yes, this is your higher attainment zone. When these four circles meet, that common zone is your SIDHI OR your IKIGAI. 

When you get your SIDHI then you can easily know your true potential, your passion. Easily set your mission and convert it into a profitable profession. 

Hope you understand the true meaning of SIDHI and how to get that. 


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