The most common issue, the whole generation is suffering!


Here I am going to share something very important with you. Hope it will give you a clear picture of the very fundamental issue your generation is facing right now. If you are a student, this will give you an eye-opening insight of the purpose of your life, explore it till the end. And if you are a parent, plz explore it and if you find something valuable, may share it with your children.

Before starting, let me know if you have any idea about the problems we are facing right now in our education system?

Exactly! There are so many issues, but the following mostly occurs.

  1. Rote learning style
  2. Competition in class /exams etc
  3. Comparison with my friends, by my parents and teachers
  4. Rushing for competitive exams
  5. Job security in life etc

Let me explain a little bit about each of them.

  • In the first problem that you have mentioned, what is happening with us? We are just advised to memorize some academic concepts and deliver in the exam paper, without crystal clear applicative experience with the concepts. And we will forget it too after some months of our exam. Do you know, by means of the advancement of technology, now machines can memorize far better than us? So what’s the meaning of this type of learning style, by spending some 15-20 years of our time? Isn’t it? Simply, we are wasting both our brainpower and time. 

  • The second issue is another big barrier in the development of children. You know, every kind of tree needs different kinds of resources to grow fully. You cannot grow apple trees in hot areas like Kerala, or coconut trees in places like Kashmir. Isn’t it? Likewise, every child is unique, like you. Each of them deserves to be treated accordingly. But by allowing them in a competitive environment, we are just wasting their uniqueness and potential. 

  • The third issue is another big factor in our system. We are just comparing ourselves with others. I am sorry if you have faced it too. You know what, no one thinks that we are unique, and we have nothing to compare with others. Every child has some unique potential. Everyone knows it, but they have no clear idea how a student is unique and in which way. So that they are just comparing. Consciously or unconsciously, they are just pushing us in a rush, where we will lose our identity itself as a seed of the highest potential. 

  • I think I needn’t explain more about the fourth issue. From the school-age itself, everyone just started for competitive exams. You know what, it just bursts our uniqueness and hidden potential. We can’t use our true potential to excel. Isn’t it? 

  • And finally, the 5th issue, which is the major motivation for all these dramas – ‘The Job Security’. I’m just asking one question – what is the use of it to get this much headache? You know that a simple species – ‘ants’ can secure life very easily, with the little brain they have. Aren’t you able to secure your life, with such a big, massive, and super-powered brain?

Getting my point?

The whole story is just to waste our time and potential. By the way, can you find the common thread, which is just binding these all problems?

You know what, we have to stand a little bit different from others. We needn’t compare. And we have to work for the enhancement of our potential. 

There is a common thread which is binding not only these five problems but also some of the major issues this generation is facing right now. That is – we are not trying to reach our fullest potential. We are just looking for others, how they are doing, and started to mimic it in our own way. Isn’t it? We are not looking for our own potential. We are not trying to explore our current ability, and enhance it in a proper way to reach our fullest potential. We are just ignoring ourselves and living the life of others.

The main purpose of our learning should be to explore more and more by utilizing our fullest potential. Every student must work on it. They have to engage in that way, so that they can show their uniqueness by utilizing their potential in the fullest possible way.

Getting my point!

Hope you understand well about the fundamental issue, which is the root of most of the problems we are facing right now too. We will explore more about these issues in the next blogs. So stay tuned with us. See you in the next blog.

Thanks for your time. Have a great time!

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