The Passion Crisis


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Hope you are doing well! In this short blog, we will discuss the two major problems related to ‘passion’. The generation is suffering from these two. 

The first problem of today’s generation is they don’t even know what their ‘passion’. Most of the students think that what they like most is their passion. They lack the idea – Interests are different from ‘passion’. They have just ignored the ‘ability’ part. If you just ask your friend, you may realise this context. The education system is woven with the idea of memorization. Here everyone is just running to maintain their bread and butter. No one is looking for their ‘inner calling – passion’. By means of which, when the student explores real life and feels the inappropriateness of years of education, the time is already over. So it is very important for an individual to know his/her ‘passion’, so there is maximum possibility that he/she can reach at fullest potential.

The second problem, followed by the above issue, is setting up a proper direction to one’s passion. You know that passion without direction is meaningless. Having only passion makes no difference. So that passion has to be properly directed, resulting in a crystal clear ‘purpose’. That ‘purpose’ will drive your all life energies into one synchronised system of excellence. And if someone has observed the society properly, he/she can transform it into a ‘profitable profession’. But unfortunately, most of the students can not do it accurately. That’s another big gap. 

Hope you understand the above two gaps in the journey of excellence. We would like to discuss more on this in the next articles. Stay tuned with us, Thanks!

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