Passion: The ultimate tool to reach at fullest potential

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The most fancy word ‘ Passion’ has different perspectives in different contexts. In this article we will discuss one of the deep rooted connections of one’s passion and potential. 

As all of us know that ‘passion’  is that kind of energy, if it is just flowing, then you feel some kind of ‘Junoon’ within you, a kind of constantly pushing energy to become something better and greater periodically. But if we envision it more deeply, we can find that it is nothing but a dynamically changing state of mind having four spatial spaces within it. 

SPACE -I [It is the zone of incompleteness. It lacks a person’s ‘Mission’ and ‘Profession’ so that he always suffers from having no profitable profession.]

SPACE-II [It is the zone of that state of mind, where a person can get satisfaction; but always suffers from the feelings of uselessness. Though he has interest and ability in a particular activity; but he lacks the true usefulness of his energy.]

SPACE-III [It is the zone of that state of mind, where a person can get delighted and feel fullness; but always suffers from having no wealth. No one is ready to give money for this type of passions]

SPACE -IV [It is the zone of completeness. In which a person can get an eternal true being – SIDDHI. That is we he/she can get both wealth, guided by one particular mission. In fact, he enjoys a lot with the involvement. He just stays in a joyful state of mind.]

The intrinsic value from space-iv remains constant, if it is properly modulated. A person can feel blissful and playful with that kind of work. So overall, we can say that exploring through these four spatial spaces is a way to reach your fullest potential. 

Lastly, but not at least, we can say that exploring passion is the only tool that helps an individual to reach their fullest potential. 

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