My vision towards ‘Passion’

my vision towards passion

The most fancy word – ‘PASSION’, the guiding principle behind every great foundation has different perspectives from different visions. In this article, I would like to share my vision towards ‘passion’.

#01 Passion is something you just love to do and you are good at it. It is something that you have a different kind of connection with that activity. It is like a bridge between your interests and ability areas. It connects these two in a great way. 

#02 Passion is about the constantly evolving enthusiasm you have for something. It is the thing you get energized just thinking about. It is the topic you never get tired of learning about, it is the topic you never get tired of talking about. It is where your creativity soars.

#03 Passion is just a different kind of willingness to be involved. It can be an activity, a person or anything in between them.

#04 Passion is something you are ready to do even if you are hungry/tired and involve yourself so deeply without thinking about compensation. 

#05 Passion is that kind of energy, if it is just flowing, then you feel some kind of ‘Junoon’ within you, a kind of constantly pushing energy to become something better and greater periodically. 

#06 When a person’s cerebral level grows, Passion is just a willingness to suffer what he/she loves to do.

#07 Passion is just the resonant frequency between you and one activity/person etc. It means when your inner frequency matches with the frequency of any activity/ a person, then the divine willingness evolves. This willingness is Passion.

#08 Passion is that cerebral state where your true potential soars. You just feel a different kind of ability for that. 

#09 Passion is that kind of activity, which you value more than anything in this world. It is the most respected and valued work for you. Nothing can make you attracted without it. 

#10 Passion is the ultimate tool for reaching your fullest level in life. It will just help you to explore your true being.

Hope you get some broad vision towards ‘passion’. And don’t forget to share your personal experience, in the comment box below. We’ll love to hear from you. Thanks! Have a Good Time!

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