Want to be a great person? Here is the secret revealed!

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Hey, Welcome to Chatshala! Here, I am going to reveal the secret of being a great person in this century. Do you know the secret recipe of greatness? If not, read till the end. You will get to know the common practice most great persons have. Let’s begin!

I’m thinking that it will be better to start from the previous article – “The most common issue the whole generation is suffering”. If you have already read, you can correlate, and if not, please read that article first, it will help you to understand the discussion very clearly. In the previous articles, we have discussed the essence of reaching at fullest potential. Now I’m asking you:

What is all about reaching at fullest potential?

Do you have any ideas? Do you think about the connection of this ‘reaching at fullest potential’ and greatness? Okay no worries, I’ll come to this point. Let me first tell you what it is all about?

 It is just a state of human existence, where your mind,  body and emotional state will get aligned in one direction. Let me just simplify, have you faced the situation when you want something to do, but feel some kind of stopness – “no, not for now or later”? This is nothing but the procrastination of your body due to an imbalance of emotional state. They are not permitting you to take some action against your thoughts. 

You shouldn’t be bothered about them more. Just mind their presence. That much is enough for now to understand. And coming to your second part, to stop these affairs (with a smile), we have to engage all of them, in a specific set of activities, where they can be utilized with their best. Any activity, where you just love to give all kinds of attention towards it and if you continuously engage yourself in this certain direction, then you can maintain your highest state of possibilities, towards greatness. That’s nothing but your ‘way to utilize your fullest potential’.

So, how to pick these high-energy required activities? And what are they actually?

Any ideas?

See…these activities are those activities, while doing them, you feel fun, interesting and valued. Someone will be there, who will like you for that work and give respect to that activity. At Least one person will be there, who will be impressed by seeing your engagement with that activity. And you know what, by doing these activities, you feel relatively better energy than other workers. Your friends, family members will find yourself fully engaged with that activity. And of course, you feel the value and importance of doing that activity in a better way.

These are the activities, where all types of stuff – mind power, body power and life energies, all are engaged with you in that activity. Isn’t it? Can you feel the synchronization? This is the state, where everything of yours is engaged in a better way. And you know what, these are those activities, you are ready to do, if you are either in hunger, tired or sleepiness. It just makes you delighted, fun and valued while doing it. If you find any of these basic common symptoms within you, make sure that you are on the right track.

And we call this synchronized state as ‘fullest potential’ and the activities as ‘passion’.

That means to maintain our highest potential state, we have to engage ourselves with the activities where our passion is, where one’s greatness lies. This is all about that secret.

Hope you understand the secret. For more topics, stay tuned with Chatshala. Thanks! Have a great time ahead.

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