We don’t need to find ‘Passion’; rather Explore it.

Hey, do you know why we don’t need to find out our passion rather explore it? why is this so? if you want to know, just click!

Hey, welcome to Chatshala! Hope you are doing well! I’m doing good too! In this article, we are going to discuss why we don’t need to find out passion rather explore it.

Okay, let’s begin!

Actually, the idea behind writing this article has originated from several incidents with students. We may experience that most students think that Cricket is the passion of Sachin Tendulkar ji, Acting is the passion of Amir Khan Ji, blah blah…

They think that coding might be their passion, some of them think graphic designing is their passion…and the story runs…

So here, one thing is clear: most of the students think that a particular field of interest might be their passion. But you know what, it is not exactly like this. It is beyond that line.

But yes, one thing is for sure, fields may not be the passion, but passion may lie in these fields. That means, if fields are like our physical body, then ‘passion’ is like our soul. It is the ultimate reason for our involvement with each and every activity that we are performing on a day-to-day basis. 

It means, if our passion lies in a particular field, then definitely we will feel a different kind of energy while being engaged in any activities of that field. We simply forget both space and time, while doing them. We never got bored of these activities. Moreover, we can make sure in this way –

If we feel the devotion for the process; not the result, while being engaged in any work, then there is more chance your passion lies around these activities. 

You know what, devotion to process is not a simple thing. You need so many kinds of discipline and strength to maintain that state to consider the state – ‘Devotion for Process’.  The unique thing about this practice is that there are certain activities that we are doing nowadays that will be worth it after some years of our time. 

Looking back after many years, if it is a worthwhile choice, then make sure you are going in the right way. 

But you know what, as a student, how can we confirm that ideal activity, which will give us both peace and Work- satisfaction? The only attempt that we can make as a student, is to explore so many things that are possible in our way.  With the best of our efforts and interests, we can allot our primary resources (mind, body,, and life energies) towards exploring all the possibilities that come our way. For example, the children of a good singer must start their exploration from singing. But it is recommended to explore other fields too. They should assess their both ‘interests’ and ‘abilities’ in these fields and proceed further. They just have to keep consistent while following the loop of exploration. These children shouldn’t stick to singing only. 

That means, as a student, we should be on the path of searching for greatness. Since every student is unique and has the highest potential. So we must utilize our whole resources in exploring our life. 

All the students of this century should allot their resources for exploring the things needed for the betterment of both the 21st and next centuries. 

Perhaps, this is possible, if we will not limit ourselves to one thing. And you know what, that conscious choice is nothing but the ‘Passion’, for which we are usually ready to face anything. 

Thus, we may say overall that passion is not a particular field to find out. It may lie in the field that you are exploring now; or may not. We have to search for it. We need to go in a loop of exploration. Isn’t it? But I feel, I may suggest a very simple algorithm for this so-called ‘passion exploration loop’. Here it is –

STEP-I: Make sure you are optimizing your brain well.

STEP-II: Make sure you have a sharp eye for keeping your physical body fit.

STEP-III: Make sure you have a very good discipline in emotional states.

STEP-IV: Then give some time to look for the top demanded fields for this century. Make a list of them. Know some basic ideas about each of them. Take proper guidance from peers, mentors, or others that you think can guide you. And start with that field, which makes you feel worthy and respected if you work on that. 

Yeah…these are some of the basic thumb rules for a student, like you. And actually, there are so many things to consider, while exploring them. We will discuss all of them in the consequent articles. So stay tuned with us. We will reveal so many things, those will be very helpful in your life. 

Wish you all the very best! Thanks for your time!

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