Where is ‘Passion’, there is ‘Purpose’!

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In this short article, I would like to share with you a very important part of the journey of passion to profession. Most of the students think that if we have explored passion, then everything will be well and good. But it is not exactly so! Here is why.

No doubt, passion is the power, which will constantly push you to become something better and greater. But passion alone can not do anything great in this world. By holding passion, you can not make a difference. Your passion needs to be properly directed. Without a particular direction, you can not move greatly. Because, it is the fact that if your passion can be utilized for the betterment of the society and the next generation as a whole, then we may conclude that there is a meaning in your passion, otherwise not. 

So our passion should solve the real problems of our society and be utilized for the betterment of our next generation. That means our passion should be met with compassion. By means of which, ‘purpose’ will take birth. 

That’s why we call as


And your purpose will guide you towards greatness. If you have properly set up your purpose, experimented well and finalized the way, then there is maximum possibility for you to achieve great success. 

Hope you understand my point. Wish you good Luck!

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