Why can’t most students find their passion? 

Hey, Do you know, most students don’t aware of the word passion. they just have misconceptions about themselves and think they are passionate but in reality,
they don’t. the result is they can not explore their passion, want to know the reason deathly if yes, just explore!

Hey, welcome! Hope you are great. In this article, we will explore the most trendy queries that most students have: why am I unable to find my passion?

Are you curious to know? 

Before going to find passion, you must understand that Passion is not the thing to find. This is the biggest mistake we make when we go for finding passion.

When we say passion is something to find, at that time we decided that after finding passion, it’s just enough to explore more. 

But the reality is that we can not hold one thing throughout our life journey. So you must understand that a particular field is not a passion to find, but it must lie in a particular field like sports, dance, writing, photography, cooking, coding, graphics designing, etc. 

Passion is a specific conscious intent, for which you are ready to do anything. 

Think, why does someone become ready to do anything? Whatever the problem arises, how bad the situation may be,  he can not step back, never give up, learn from failure, love the process, and enjoy the journey. 

Why? What’s the point of all dedication?

Here is possibility 

  1. He loves that work madly 
  2. He has the ability 

When someone has the ability and loves most to do that, that person is ready to do anything that comes in their way. That is called the power of being passionate.

So passion is the Intersection zone of our interest and ability.

Hope you understand the true meaning of passion. 

Now you think, why are you unable to realize your passion? Probably you don’t know in which field you have both interest and necessary ability.

Consequently, if we can not explore ourselves in the most possible way we can not find out in which field we have both interests and abilities, that’s the reason we couldn’t be aware of our passion.

So here the suggestion for you is very simple:

  1. Look at the fields of learning, where you feel so much interest to be involved in.
  2. Re-check whether you have a certain level of ability too in that field or not. If yes, carry on to explore more and if not, then recheck whether it is possible to acquire the ability or not in the recent future. 

Including this, make sure you have,

  1. that you are keeping your mind organized,
  2. that you are maintaining your body in a healthy way, 
  3. that you can maintain your emotional state.
  4. that you have a better 21st-century friendly environment to explore
  5. that you are exploring well and working with your own potential, and uniqueness.

Because you know what, human life is full of adventure. Each and every day is a day of adventure for us. Every day we will face a new setup of everything. So anything can change anytime. So how can we tackle it?

So, as a student, try to make sure of the above five activities. You need to maintain a proper balance between these five major areas. So whatever comes your way, just explore them with your fullest potential and see what happens. You have so much time to observe the world and commit to something which will utilize your whole life’s energies. And as a student, this is the perfect age to explore well, try different things, enjoy the different processes, etc. So never think that passion is something which can be found some time and we have to stick to that. 

Hope you get the points. And if something intrigues you yet, please don’t hesitate to reach us at support@chatshala.com  We will love to assist you with all the information necessary for that. Have a good time!

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Hey, Do you know, most students have misconceptions about passion so they are just unable to explore their passion, Are you sure that you don’t have that misconception?
want to clarify it, if yes, just explore!


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