Why Passion is not the Ultimate Destination?

Passion is not the Ultimate Destination

Finding your true passion and working on that is the greatest job in the world”

– Surbhi Rautaray

What do you think? How far finding passion is worthwhile? Is that enough to just find a passion? 

I don’t think so. 

Passion is not only the  Destination when it could not convert to a profitable profession.

You have noticed, some know their true passion but they can not hold that throughout their whole journey, could not make a career around that passion. 

Suppose a child has a passion for painting, but he only makes that in part of life, not the whole life. Why? Cause there is no system that inspires motivates and says yes, you have built a career on that passion. No, not like that, parents, teachers, the mentor has suggested other field in which they have an idea from outer sources or other influence. 

But keep in mind, every extraordinary successful people not born like this, they just work on that passion, sharpen their saw and build their own empire. 

They Really know only finding passion is not workable if the whole world doesn’t need that if they can not be paid for that. 

So, choose that zone what 

  1. You are love to do
  2. You are good at
  3. The whole world need
  4. You can paid for that 

When passion is well directed, then it meets compassion when you have compassion for something, you have a clear purpose, when you have a clear purpose, then you know what you are, why you are, what’s your value. No outer part breaks you, stops you from whatever you want to do. 

Hope you have realized, passion is not the destination. well-directed passion and making a profitable profession is the destination. So, we can say passion without direction is meaningless. 


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